Yard Sale!

Yard Sale

Nothing like lining up old pots and pans to make a person realize it’s moving time.  Scott organized a successful yard sale Friday where we sold our printer, seltzer maker, bikes, pre-fab sukkah, and various household items. We met some neighbors…and saw some old friends. It’s really happening: we are packing up and returning to New York in just a few weeks!

It’s incredible the difference between my perception of a year and the children’s. It’s been a seminal 12 months for them in so many ways — in language, friends, travel, exposure. For me, it felt more like a gift — my life finally slowed down for a while! — but a fleeting one. I will have to work at holding on to what I’ve gained here, and keeping the memories/lessons alive for all of us. For all the stuff we sold I have a stash of new things —  a few carpets, pictures, and a huge Moroccan bowl — to help keep this time fresh in our minds.

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